Apricot and Cardamom Dome Recipe

 Apricot and Cardamom Dome

How to make Apricot and Cardamom Dome
  • Chef: Elangovan Shanmugam
  • Restaurant: Creo, Vivanta Dwarka
  • Recipe Servings: 2
  • Prep Time: 
  • Cook Time: 
  • Total Cook Time: 
  • Difficulty Level: Medium

About Apricot and Cardamom Dome Recipe: A delectable dessert recipe specially curated in tricolor on the occasion of Republic day. edible colours, white chocolate, apricotm cardamom and whipped cream comes together for this mouth-watering sweet treat that you can prepare at home.

Ingredients Of Apricot And Cardamom Dome

  • For dome:
  • 100 gms white chocolate
  • 1 gms orange edible colour
  • 1 gms green edible colour
  • For mousse:
  • 100 gms whipped cream
  • 30 gms apricots puree
  • 2 ml vanilla
  • For ganache:
  • 100 gms white chocolate
  • 70 ml fresh cream
  • 5 gms cardamom powder

How to Make Apricot and Cardamom Dome

  • 1.Melt white chocolate and divide into 3 parts.
  • 2.Add green and orange colour to one part respectively.
  • 3.Colour the shell in a chocolate mould as desired.
  • 4.Chop white chocolate for cardamom ganache.
  • 5.Boil the cream with cardamom powder and pour over white chocolate.
  • 6.Mix well and allow it to cool.
  • 7.Whip cream to soft texture with vanilla.
  • 8.Gently fold apricot puree in above.
  • 9.Fill little cream in chocolate dome, pipe ganache and cover with cream.
  • 10.Serve chilled.
Key Ingredients: For dome:, white chocolate, orange edible colour, green edible colour, For mousse:, whipped cream, apricots puree, vanilla, For ganache:, white chocolate, fresh cream, cardamom powder
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